St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School seeks to be a community where:

  • Jesus Christ is the heart of all that we are and do together;
  • prayer and the sacraments are central;
  • the beliefs and values of the Gospel inspire and draw together every aspect of our life;
  • every individual is given equal worth as we strive together for fairness and peace;
  • all children participate as fully as possible;
  • the partnership between home, school and parishes is strongly encouraged;
  • we seek to excel in our care for each other and in all we achieve, with high expectations for all;
  • religious education is the core subject in our curriculum;
  • a balanced, broad-based curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral, mental and physical development of each child, and helps to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life;
  • a high quality of teaching and learning helps pupils to make informed choices and fulfil their individual potential;
  • appropriate opportunities are available for all, regardless of ability, gender, race, colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins;
  • a welcoming, happy and stimulating environment helps to ensure for each child their well-being, protection and safety, and education for personal and social health.

The staff and governors meet regularly to assess how well the school measures up to these aims, and the curriculum is constantly being adapted to ensure that we are giving your children the best education possible.

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Reception 2018 Applications

Parents considering applying to the school are encouraged to make an appointment with the Headteacher who will be pleased to show them around the school, please click for visit dates: Prospective Parents Visits 2017/2018

These visits are primarily aimed at parents of children due to start in Reception but are relevant to any year group so all are welcome. The tour of the school includes a short informal talk with the Headteacher.


Please note that applications for children due to start in Reception in September 2017 open on 7 November 2016 and close on 16 January 2017.

Reception applications are made online via

We require Supplementary A and B forms to be completed in support of your application and returned directly to us by the application closing date. Please see our 2017 Admission Policy and Procedures below for details of how we process and rank applications.

Supplementary A and B Forms



In Year Admissions

To enquire about year group availability and waiting list procedures please telephone the school office and ask to speak to Miss Barclay in Admissions.

For “In Year” applications, both the following forms should be completed and returned directly to the school.

In Year Common Application Form (IYCAF)

Supplementary A and B Forms

If you are having difficulty in finding a school place for your child, please telephone the Kent In Year Admissions Team on 03000 416 789.